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What's eBizForAll Solution?

eBizForAll Solution is a portal to send and receive electronic invoices. It also provides other functionalities related to the billing process and the management of payments and collections or direct connections to B2B platforms of Governments. Everything from the cloud without downloading applications.

How do I register?

In the main menu of the portal you will find the button “Sign up”. Click it, enter the required information and you will receive an email with a link to activate the account. After doing so, you can log in to your account via the “Enter” button. To start using eBizForAll Solution, it is essential to have activated the account by clicking the link that we send by email.

What Protocol that eBizForAll Solution uses to send the electronic invoices?

eBizForAll Solution uses all the power of Internet to send electronic documents, it can implement any standard transport protocol to connect with your trader partners, from electronic mail to web services, or other specific protocols like FTP, ebMS or AS2.

Is eBizForAll Solution a reliable and cost-savings solution?

With eBizForAll Solution you decide where you want your electronic invoices to be. You can backup them in your own systems, you can send them to your agent systems or you can use third party services to get them backed up.
eBizForAll Solution adapts to your needs. Our goal is to increase your traffic, therefore there are only transaction fees when there is an incurred cost.

What technical support/maintenance does eBizForAll Solution provides?

The eBizForAll maintenance service ensures that your solution runs in optimal condition of operation. In case of incidence, eBizForAll team reaches you to fix any issue.
The support service is provided through the portal forms. However, users with Enterprise plan have an account manager who will provide them with telephone support.

Is there a 24/7 support?


What ERP systems can be integrated with the eBizForAll Solution?

There are several ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV that already have an adapter. If there is no adapter, the ERP provider or your system integrator can develop easily as it can be done with a simple file sharing.

Can I easily integrate my ERP system to the eBizForAll Solution?

An e-business solution goal is to allow the integration both when sending and receiving electronic documents to/from your ERP system. In this sense it is necessary to adapt your ERP system to use eBizForAll Solution, however there are several ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV that already have an adapter. If there is no adapter, the ERP provider or your system integrator can develop easily as it can be done with a simple file sharing.

Do all the companies, that I exchange invoices with, have to use the eBizForAll Solution and the same ERP system?

No, it is not required to use the same type of ERP. Neither to use the eBizForAll at both ends. Your customers and providers can be everywhere in internet, your eBizForAll will reach and deliver them your electronic documents.

Is eBizForAll Solution installed in my company’s premises or somewhere else?

eBizForAll Solution Enterprise installed on your own servers.
eBizForAll Solution Windows installed on any Windows with Internet access.

Are the electronic invoices issued legal?

Obviously, the electronic invoices issued using eBizForAll Solution can be signed fulfilling legal requirements on the electronic invoices in certain countries.

What is a digital signature and how it works with eBizForAll solution?

A digital signature is information added to an electronic invoice that ensures that the biller is who they claim to be, and that no one has changed the content of the invoice since it was issued. To generate this information, we use a digital certificate.
eBizForAll Solutio can sign with two types of signature, XADES EPPES or XADES XL. You can sign XML or PDF documents. The certificate can be a certificate based in software or a certificate stored in a safe device.

Can I use the eBizForAll Solution for sending a massive load of invoices to the bank?

For those invoices you issue whose payment method is direct debit from the “Payments” option, you can generate a SEPA file, download it and send it to your bank for processing.

What are the standards for the PEPPOL protocol?

For the PEPPOL specs: http://peppol.eu/downloads/post-award/ 
The specs for EN16931 are available at CYS

PEPPOL BIS2 and BIS3 specs and EN16931 standard validation?

Through our site you can have an XML validation:

Also there are a few free validation sites as:

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