Dear colleagues,
Today is the deadline for the implementation of the eInvoicing Directive. This is an important milestone for the eInvoicing Building Block. On behalf of the CEF Digital Team, we would like to thank everybody involved for all the effort and dedication you have put in making Europe’s eInvoicing dream a reality! Accordingly, we have produced the below video to celebrate everyone’s contribution in making Europe a more interconnected place. But more importantly, we would like to remind you that the journey does not stop here, and that CEF Digital will continue to support Member States in their implementation of eInvoicing, especially as they now look to complete the implementation of eInvoicing at the sub-central level in the coming months. To learn more about eInvoicing and the journey so far, please visit our communication page and feel free to share it with anyone you feel might be interested.    

Stay tuned to CEF Digital for future eInvoicing events and policy updates!
Kind regards, Giorgio Cacciaguerra (on behalf of CEF Digital) more here..