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With e-Invoicing

Prepare your electronic invoice in an XML format and validate it here. You know that any buyer will require submission of valid XML invoices. Make use of our XML Validator to help you design a valid e-Invoice. 

Eliminate paper and gain critical visibility over the buying process. This empowers you to identify ways to save like, leveraging volume ordering, preventing over-buying, negotiating better rates, minimizing inventory carrying costs, and more.

Among many other benefits, e-Invoicing ultimately aims at reducing costs for both invoice issuers and recipients. Use our simple calculator to find out how much your organization can save with e-Invoicing!

e-Invoicing is one of the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) building blocks and it can be implemented without the implementation of the other DSI’s (e-Delivery, e-Translation, e-ID, e-Signature). DSI’s enable the connection of member-states with each other, as well as provide the freedom to the member-states to function as they wish at a national level. Furthermore, DSI’s enable cross border delivery of public services and facilitate a better and cheaper life for the member-states’ citizens and businesses.

e-Invoicing is economic and cost-effective

  • eBizForAll Solution provides mass processing of electronic documents with lower costs, a method that is more affordable for the companies that they will be using it.
  • eBizForAll Solution is based on the PEPPOL European Standard, that is universally used and its architecture gives the companies that are using it, the opportunity to adapt use it for any type of services and products.
  • Validates the specific information needed for the electronic invoice before the invoices are submitted to the receiving company and reports any problems encountered. It acts proactively.
  • Converts the invoice documents to the desired format of the application.
  • Uses electronic signatures and guarantees security and integrity on the e-invoices that are exchanged.
  • Provides electronic data exchange.

e-Invoicing Platform

From the eBizForAll e-Invoicing Platform a company can easily submit its invoices electronically. Since the submission of electronic invoices will be the predominant method of invoicing by 2020 in Europe, the provided eBizForAll Solution will help the companies to achieve these goals by following a common standard that will result in a significant cost reduction and cut the redundant investments and obstacles to a cross-border environment.

e-Invoicing Platform Set-up

The set-up of the e-Invoicing Platform is integrated quickly and efficiently in a short time period. The set-up takes approximately 3 weeks period. The return on investment that e-Invoicing Platform promises have direct result.
The e-Invoicing Platform can be integrated into the company’s ERP system and through the ERP system the company can electronically send and receive e-Invoices.
Currently, eBizForAll solution has developed an interface with SAP system, and is working towards the development of interfaces with other ERP systems.

XML Validator Set-up

eBizForAll provides an add-on solution for validating the XML document before processing the electronic invoice and sending it to the receiving company. In other words, it validates the invoice content. Actually, it is a specific environment that facilitates the companies (public or private) to test the electronic invoicing application either during the design time or at the actual live period.

Validation at Design

This tool provides validation services during design time.
It gives the opportunity to the service providers, private companies as well as to ERP providers the benefit to apprehend and test the electronic invoice instances they produce.
It ensures that the interested parties will implement the appropriate electronic documents and hence smooth the adaptation of their products and services.

Validation at Run-Time (Live)

The PEPPOL network requires the Access Points (APs) to submit valid instances into the network. Defining run-time validation services will allow the Access Points to ensure that they always direct proper electronic document instances, avoiding the rejection of wrong documents and simplifying the end-to-end process.

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